Registration of Cattle

For an animal to be eligible to enter the Herd Book Register it must:

  • be the progeny of a Sire and Dam each of which are also registered in the Herd Book or;
  • comply with the table of blood percentages for upgrading.

Grading System

Letter  A 50% Romagnola Blood
 B 75% Romagnola Blood
 C 87.5% Romagnola Blood
 D 93.75% Romagnola Blood not deemed pure for cattle if wrong colour
or pigmentation
 P 93.5% Romagnola Blood deemed pure bred cattle if colour &
pigmentation are the same as full blood cattle
 F 100% both parents Italian blood
Base A B C D P F
 Base  To 50% A A
 A  50 – 75% A A A A B B
 B  75 – 87.4% A B B B C C
 C  87.5 – 93.74% A B C C D/P D/P
 D  93.75% + A B C D  D/P D/P
 P  93.75% + A B C  D/P D/P D/P D/P
 F  100% A B C  D/P  D/P D/P F
 Progeny Grade

Romagnola cattle containing 93.75% (15/16) Romagnola genes and showing coat colour and pigmentation to that of full blood Romagnola shall be deemed to be purebred cattle and be recorded with the letter “U” for all animals born before 1 January 1999. Animals born on or after 1 January 1999 will be recorded with the letter “P”.

Fullblood Romagnola can only be the result of a mating of two original fullblood Romagnola animals and recorded with the letter “F”.

Registration Fee

Female Inventory Fees (Annual)

A Grade $5.50
B Grade  $11.00
C & D Grade  $16.50
P & U Grade  $22.00
F Grade  $22.00

Re-Instatement Fee
*(Fee + 1 year inventory)


Calf Registrations

Natural, E.T. & A.I.   $5.50

Romagnola Calf Registration form

Artificial Breeding

Unrestricted A.I.Sire approval for semen sales   $220.00
Restricted A.I. Sire approval for In Herd Use only  $55.00
Unrestricted Donor Dam Approval for embryo sales  $220.00
 Restricted Donor Dam approval for In Herd Use Only


Application for AI Sire

Application for Donor Dam

Nominating a Herd Prefix and Tattoo

In accordance with the regulations, all Stud members are required to apply for a Herd Prefix & Herd Tattoo.

The Herd Prefix shall be used to, and as part of, the name of every animal registered within that herd and shall not exceed 25 characters. The Herd Tattoo shall comprise 3 characters.
Both the Herd Prefix and Tattoo shall be distinct from all others so as not to be misleading.

The following year letters shall apply for tattooing:

Year Letter Year Letter
 1997 S  2007 C
 1998 T  2008 D
 1999 U  2009 E
 2000 V  2010 F
 2001 W  2011 G
 2002 X  2012 H
 2003 Y  2013 J
 2004 Z  2014 K
 2005 A  2015 L
 2006 B  2016 M

Tattoos shall show:

  • Alphabetical letter in accordance with Table 27 of the Regulations
  • Animal number – up to four numeric digits
  • Alphabetic grade

Should you require any further clarification please contact the Society office.

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