Database Search

This facility allows any person in the world with internet access to search the entire Romagnola database for animal, member and sale details. This web database search facility was developed by the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI). Details are automatically updated once a week.

This powerful and easy to use search facility allows information to be accessed under four titles. These being:

Further Help

1) Animal Enquiries

Any animal recorded on the Romagnola database can be accessed under this search title. The search criteria includes animal name, stud book number, calving year, horned status, location etc. When the criteria have been entered all you need to do is click on the search button and the search for animals fitting the selected criteria will begin. The animal or animals fitting the search criteria will then be displayed.

You can then click on any one of the animals found in the search to bring up their individual details. The details shown include sex, tattoo, date of birth, registration status, horned status, sire, dam, breeder, current owner and latest EBVs (figure 1.). A full pedigree tree and recorded progeny (if any) can also be viewed for the animal selected. A picture may also be available for some animals.

Example selection: Name – Wyoming%, Calving year – 2002, Select if – Male, Horn status – Polled. *Please note that the % is a wildcard ie will find any animal with Wyoming in it name.

(66 animals found).

2) EBV Enquiries

This search is basically the same as the animal enquiry search facility but it includes the added benefit of allowing you to search for animals that fit within a range of EBVs that suits your production system and breeding program. Again, once the selection criteria has been entered and the search button clicked the animals fitting the criteria will be displayed.

Example selection: Name – Wyoming%, Calving year – 2002, Select if – Male, Horn status – Polled.

600 day weight EBV – +25 (min).

Milk EBV – +2 (min).

(7 animals found)

3) Member Enquiries

Romagnola member details can be accessed through this facility. The search criteria includes surname, stud prefix, stud no., postcode, zone etc. Members that fit the selected criteria will be displayed. The user can then click on any one of the members found in the search to bring up their individual details.

The details shown for the selected member includes stud prefix, stud no., stud name, address, telephone no., zone, email, firebrand etc. This search is particularly useful if needing the contact details for a specific Romagnola member or if trying to find Romagnola breeders in a specific zone.

Example selection: Member Located – Central/North Qld, Select if – Member is in BREEDPLAN, Select if – Full member.

(5 members found)

4) Sale/Semen Catalogues

The details of Romagnola sales will be included under this title throughout the year. The sale details will be listed here long before they are available in a hard copy catalogue. This will allow you to view pedigree and performance (EBVs) information on sale animals well before the sale day.

The first screen displays sale descriptions, sale dates and number of lots. Both single vendor and multi vendor sales can be displayed. Any sale can then be selected to view the details of each lot. Individual lots may then be selected to view specific animal details such as vendor, sex, date of birth, registration status, vendor’s comments, pedigree tree and latest EBVs.

Romagnola members who wish to include their sale details on the web database should contact the Society office.

All stud and commercial producers are encouraged to use the Romagnola Online database search facility to access animal, member and sale information.